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Immigration SERVICES
"Professionals Immigrations " - A shortcut Coming to Hong Kong !
Professional Accounting and Taxation Limited is a professional accounting firm established in Hong Kong since 1982. We have a great team of experienced and specialized associates with accounting, taxation, and legal knowledge to proivde expert support for Immigration Consulting Service.  With more than 30 years of experience, we are confident to offer you competitve low rate for professional services with simplified procedure. 
As the relationship between Hong Kong and Mainland China becomes closer and closer due to the ever-growing finance and trading activities, the demand of talented professionals is increasingly important  to strengthen the workforce for Hong Kong business enterprises of all
In view of the above, the Government of HK implemented a new program known as the “Immigration for Professionals to Hong Kong" in 2016. Talented individuals from all nationalities are encourged to apply professionals immigration to Hong Kong as permanent residents.
Hong Kong ‘s Advantages
Same Race
Hong Kong SAR and China are now one country with 2 systems. No doubt, Hong Kong is the 1st ideal choice for the Mainlanders who wish to migrate to other places because we are of the same race, same cultural and same language. Hardly will new Chinese immigrants have the feeling of being a “second-class” inhabitant in Hong Kong.
Immigration Imprisonment Unnecessary
Now, immigrants from the People's Republic of China can travel freely in and out Hong Kong. It is absolutely convenient.
Well Complete Medical System
Hong Kong 's hospitals and their medical staff have reached the international level. No matter the medical equipments and/or medicines used to be sure are highly competitive with those of the western countries.
Education System
Hong Kong has 15-year free compulsory education for its citizens. The universities such as the University of HK and the University of Science are renowned for researches and publications. Every year, there are thousands of students who graduate from those universities and later become CEOs, professionals and Government officials leading the society to a better future.
Legal System
Hong Kong is a place of rule of law. Therefore, all are equal before the law and have equal opportunity of fostering individual talents. The ICAC (Independent Commission Against Corruption) is a very well established organization – is always doing a hard job of keeping this beautiful island as clean as possible free from corruption. In addition, the Hong Kong Government has formed the Legal Aid Department offering the impoverished legal assistance. As a result, no one can deny that Hong Kong is a stable and healthy society and people living here are sufficiently protected.
International Financial Centre
Hong Kong is still a bridge between the East and the West. Having a very special and advantageous position, both geographically and politically, Hong Kong as the No.1 financial center in Asia is non-disputable and non-replaceable. It has a well established banking system.
Tax Paradise
Everybody knows that Hong Kong’s tax rate is extremely low when compared with other foreign countries. Chargeable profit tax is at the rate of 16.5% and personal allowance is HK$100,000 per person.
Free Remittance Market
As we have no remittance control, fundings can travel freely in and out. Needless to say, we have a free currency-exchange market.
Travel Visa
After complied with all the conditions and staying in HK for 7 years, a citizen HKID card and a SAR passport will be issued to the applicant. With such a SAR passport, one can go to many countries without going through the procedure of applying for a visa. It is time and cost save.
Food Label
It is strictly required that food products must be labeled describing clearly their ingredients in order to protect the health of the consumers.
Freedom of Trade, Freedom of Religion / Spirtual Life, Freedom of Travel and Free of Money
Except Hong Kong, where can you find such a good place with so many advantages for starting a new life?
Even if you can find a country that is comparable with Hong Kong, the cost for making a successful application will definitely be very high.
In light of the above analyze, why you still hesitate!!!
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