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Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong

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In order to provide best services to our clients, our China office, Erncan Management Consultant (SZ) Co., Ltd. (“Erncan”) offers comprehensive financial services in the areas of Corporate Services, Accounting Services, Tax Advisory, Corporate Finance Consultancy Services and Initial Public Offering (IPO) Advisory Services.
Corporate Services
  • Assist in the registration of Foreign Enterprise, Foreign Joint Venture Enterprise and Representative Office in China
  • Draft joint-venture contracts and article of associations
  • Assist in the Renewal of business licenses
  • Assist in the Capital Verification for investment in China
  • Assist in the application for government approvals and registration of change of company's share capital, change of shareholders / directors, company's name, etc.
Accounting Services
  • Set up and maintain computerized accounting system
  • Record and handle accounting ledger
  • Prepare periodic and annual financial statements
  • Handle business documents
  • Provide consultancy and training services to accounting staff
  • Set up management and accounting systems, internal control system
Tax Advisory
  • Conduct monthly tax return filing for PRC Value Added Tax (“VAT”), PRC Foreign Enterprise Income Tax and PRC Individual Income Tax
  • Conduct tax planning for HK Profits Tax, HK Individual Salary Tax, PRC Value Added Tax, PRC Foreign Enterprise Income Tax and PRC Individual Income Tax
  • Select tax efficient structure and vehicle for local and overseas enterprises
  • Conduct Corporate tax planning for group of companies with operations involved in China, HK and overseas
  • Analyze tax effects of inter-company transaction alternatives, such as pricing policies
  • Apply for tax registration, foreign exchange registration, tax payment certificates and tax exemption certificates in China
  • Devise personal tax planning for executives in HK and China
  • Conduct tax audit
  • Handle liaison with tax authorities in HK and China
Corporate Finance Consultancy Services
  • Conduct due diligence and feasibility study for projects involving foreign capital investment
  • Prepare business plans and investment proposals
  • Evaluate target transactions in qualified merger, acquisition, or strategic alliance
  • Recommend suitable foreign investors, venture capital, foreign financial institute, and private investors
  • Analyze the company's accounting and taxation impacts
  • Propose suitable negotiation strategy, reasonable bid price
  • Assist in every step towards the successful completion of the transactions
Initial Public Offering (IPO) Advisory Services
  • Access business risk, cash flow, revenue and capital structure of the company
  • Review the entire tax planning and recommend legal ways of tax saving
  • Recommend experienced professional bodies to the company such as sponsors, underwriter, legal advisors, appraisers
  • Advise financing strategies and group restructuring
  • Explain the operation of financial market and the listing rules to the company, in order to recommend listing strategies
  • Assist in every step towards the successful completion of IP