Formation of Hong Kong Companies


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HONG KONG Companies
Formation of Hong Kong Companies
The Advantages of Forming a Company Limited in Hong Kong SAR
Hong Kong SAR is a well-known international city in  the world. Not only its trading system but also the financial structure have been perfectly developed.  Forming a company limited in Hong Kong SAR has 3 major advantages :
  • Hong Kong is a low taxation city.  Its tax laws are simple and straight forward without too many kinds of tax impositions.  Thus, it is easy to deal with taxation problems.
  • As one of the major cities in the world, Hong Kong has lowest profits tax rate. The highest tax rate charged is only 16.5%.
  • All companies in Hong Kong (if their profits are not gerenated from Hong Kong) are not subject to Hong Kong tax.
  • No double taxation.
Legal System
  • Hong Kong's legal system is based on that of the United Kingdom which has well developed.  Each company limited is an individual  legal entity fully protected by laws and regulations of the HKSAR.
  • Hong Kong has legislation to protect private personal data  under the Personal Private Data Ordinance.  All companies' confidential information are entirely protected.
  • All agreements/contracts executed in Hong Kong SAR are recongised world-wide and substantially protected
Banking Facilities
  • As mentioned above, Hong Kong SAR is a well-known international city. Banks representing different countries of the world have established their offices in Hong Kong everywhere.

    Hong Kong, being a big city in South East Asia, has gained support and trust from foreign countries.  In these circumstances, it is easy and convenient to open a bank account(s) in Hong Kong.  Procedures involved are simple and time-saving.
  • Hong Kong SAR has no currency control. Tele-Transmitting money in and out of the place can be done quickly in minutes.
  • Hong Kong SAR is a free port. Trading activities are very prosperous and documents arising from tradings of different sectors require various professional services.   Hence, there are numerous experts and bankers in Hong Kong SAR to assist clients in handling documentations efficiently.
Our company established in 1982 and has over 30 years experience in providing our clients with all around professional services, like taxation, legal advice, trade mark registration and company secretarial matters such as world-wide formation of company etc.

Through our experience and dedication, we are definitely certain that you will find our services perfect and satisfactory.
Tailor- made company (use own name)
Full Set HK$2,300
Company Incorporation Fee & Stamp Fee
HK$1,800 (government fee )
Business Registration Certiifcate Fee / Levy
HK$2,250 (government fee )
Ready- made company, buy and use immediately, ready in one day
Full Set HK$2,300
First Company Incorporation Fee & Stamp Fee
HK$1,800 (government fee )
Business Registration Certiifcate Fee / Levy
HK$2,250 (government fee )
The establishment of Hong Kong Limited Flow Chart:
Services include:
  • Filing of details of Members, Directors and Company Secretary, and Registered Office.
  • Application of the Certificate of Incorporation (C.I.) and Business Registration Certificate (B.R.).
  • Company Articles of Association (A&A)
  • Rubber stamps (for authorized signature of bank cheque) and one common seal (metal seal).
  • Register of Members, Directors and Company Secretary and Minutes Book (green book).
  • Share Transfer Documents  (applicable to ready made company).
  • One Green Box for storage of above certificates and items
Formation Requirments:
  • At least 1 shareholder (no nationality restriction).
  • At least 1 "natural person" director (no nationality restriction)
     *shareholders can be the directors and a corporate can be director and shareholder
  • At least 1 company secretary (must be Hong Kong citizen or a Hong Kong Limited Company).
Company Secretary
Suggest and recommend to appoint our company as the Company Secretary. The annual fee is HK$2,500*(provision of statutory duties, company legal advice, accounting and taxation advice)*Include: filing of the next year annual return, change of particulars of members and directors, filing of company's registered documents, preparation of minutes, change or shares transfer, change of registered name and address, provision of legal, accounting and taxation advice.
Required Document
Individual :
  • Photocopy of the identity card and passport of any countries.
  • Residental Address Proof Document.
Corporate :
  • Photocopies of Certiifcate of Incorporation, business registration certificate
  • Registered Office Adreess Proof